should bridesmaid shoes be the same

Which one do you usually concentrate most while purchasing pairs of shoes? If you concentrate more on style than on comfort like most of women, you have made a mistake. As a result of this, your selected shoes will be uncomfortable. Thus, you should understand some of the features that make shoes look stylish as well as have the highest comfort level. There are only few of many stylish shoes that you may find at the stores can offer full comfort and ease to you. Always try to buy a pair which does not only look good but also offers ease in walking and moving around.

cute empire waist long bridesmaid dress

Ros Hommerson Shoes offers large varieties of shoes that have been designed to keep the style and comfort together. There are many qualities to look for in the pair of shoes you are buying, following are some of them:

Padded Cushions

Make sure that the pair of shoes you are buying has padded cushions on all the sides. Not only this, but even the heel and the forefeet should be padded with soft cushions; this assures the kind of comfort you need for walking and moving around.

Heel Size to Match Your Comfort and Need

Do not forget to check the size of the heel. If you are suffering from backaches and leg pains, then avoid heels such as pencil heels or any other types of heels which are above 3 inches.

Your Requirement

Be clear about your need! Is it for some formal or for some informal occasion that you need your pair for? Always buy shoes that are appropriate for the kind of occasions and events you plan to wear them for. For instance, buying a pair of flat sandals for a wedding party would be odd.

Material of the Shoes

Shoes made of high quality material should be preferred. Whether they are made of suede, fabric, leather or any other material, they should be durable.

Stitching is better than Gluing

Both the upper and the lower parts of shoes should be stitched rather than glued together. Glue is not reliable, thus very often shoes that are glued together fall apart quickly.

Ideal Soles

Rubber soles should be preferred for all occasions as they prevent from slip.


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