popular bridesmaid shoes styles

French high heels are one of the shoes styles that are getting some buzz lately. These shoes have curved heels of medium length. This is a very good choice for bridesmaids since it is not too high but would still give the needed height. With such height, the bridesmaids’ feet will never feel too tired. Their curved design is also a very good match to the feet.

black tea length v-neck a line bridesmaid dress

A kitten heel has a thin and low heel, usually less than one and a half inches. Its heels are thin-based and are set in from the back of the shoe. They are specifically famous on pumps and are found on numerous types of women’s bridesmaid  dress shoes. Aside from being a low-heeled and comfortable shoe, the placement and shape of its heel gives it a very feminine look. Most women are also charmed by its unique heels.

Stiletto shoes are those that have high pointy heels and are also called “spiked” heels. They are really not the most suitable shoes for bridesmaids but those who are brave enough can give it a try. They may be dangerous and painful to wear but there are good quality stilettos that offers comfort fits. Buying and wearing inexpensive ones may be a big risk.


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