flower girl dress in China

China children’s wear industry is indeed the figures we see that we have reason for optimism base to China’s population, China’s total population of 1.3 billion, 313 million under the age of 14, if we assume that consumption of these children the value of 100 yuan a year RMB’s clothes, it would be 31.3 billion yuan, which is what a huge market, and high-end children’s clothing brand based on price and more hundred dollars, 31.3 billion brand children’s clothing market can only put the number of brands, we can look back very few flower girl dress brands, realized what the number is not achieved. 14.7% in urban children in China, 78.9 percent of rural children. This figure also shows the high-end children’s clothing brands in China’s spending power and optimistic about China’s clothing market is estimated about 40%, although this figure still does not explain the phenomenon of children’s wear market, but at least shows that non-high-end children’s clothing brand The market is very large. Children aged 0-16 covers all the people dress.
princess round neck sleeveless flower girl dress
Can be broken down by age of baby clothes, children wear, small children’s clothing, the children’s clothing, large children’s clothing, equipment and other youth. The reality of children’s clothing from the domestic market, operating conditions, China baby wear, children wear, children’s clothing in the development of small children’s clothing and has begun to take shape, more evident the industrial level, have their own leader, a relatively large number of brands. Chinese children’s clothing consumption showed a double-digit growth, the development of children’s clothing clothing has become a new growth point, with the further increase of household income, and gradually achieve well-off urban residents living standards, consumer demand for Chinese flower girl dress  market has been in the past to meet basic living turned to the pursuit of practical and beautiful fashion model, some economically developed cities, the trend towards consumer demand for children’s clothing, brand. 2005 and 2006, children’s clothing shopping malls spending increase over the previous year, respectively, 15.50% and 11.63%. 2006 is the Chinese children’s clothing industry in the development of far-reaching significance of the year?? Year to accelerate restructuring of the industry. In 2006, the number of enterprises above designated size children’s clothing in 2005 increased by at least 30%, average sales revenue of enterprises increased by 17.5% in 2005. January to December 2006, cumulative production for the National Children’s clothing 29,151.95 million pieces, compared with the same period in 2005 increased by 6.53%. Children’s clothing, but the lack of competitiveness of domestic enterprises, foreign brands accounted for children’s clothing has a large market share, almost 50%, while domestic brands with unique children’s clothing market share was small, Korean fashion flower girl dress Wholesale, only about 30% , 70% of the enterprises in the non-brand status.
China children’s little dress market is gradually shifted from “quantity consumption stage” to “brand consumption stage,” children’s clothing brand to do business, children’s toys to join, we must make a cultural connotation of the brand. China will enter the third baby boom (the first time in the 1950s, the second time in the early 1980s), by 2010 the number will enter the birth peak. After years of neonatal birth rate remained at an average rate of about 15% increase in annual increase of 2-3 million newborn children), by 2010 the number of newborns born in the last few years on the basis of the average number of births doubled. In order to increase the birth rate by analogy to the national child population increases year by year the number of Chinese children will form a huge consumer market. Children growing consumer groups, and expand children’s clothing market consumption.
Children’s clothing market in the period of the new round of development, from parents of their own consumer habits and psychological needs of consumer brands tend to influence their preference for the brand will also extend to their children, the public phase of financial crisis, especially in high-profile or a more mature market, the brand will become the first choice for children and parents to buy the target, which undoubtedly will be more towards the market determines the brand children’s clothing, personalized and fashion, and gradually with the world.

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