the actions of the wedding

lace sleeves wedding dress
Almost every wedding, the bride will like the new Long statue-like furnishings, guests frequently exchange pictures of each couple to stand in full view, walk, sit, move your thought no one could escape everyone’s attention, is not a timid heart? Do not worry, here to teach you some basic etiquette, custody need them.
Posture: the key upper body posture carefully listen carefully, some of the chair seat to light, and relatives to take pictures, the most critical upper body posture, so if the “ah, finally able to sit down” line like this, moments will be like a deflated ball like a cat from the waist to, it is difficult to see. Can not effect, to keep the tension, especially if the bride wearing a low cut wedding  dress, sitting in a chair at the center, twisted back, so look shoulder width, body slim. Wear thin dress, legs inclined to hang, you can make legs look slender, the groom sat listlessly, the legs will automatically move up, exposing socks, unsightly, so pay special attention, sat down before the Department of mention knee pants. Standing: naturally straight spine, a sense of each other makes up ‘eight’ shaped to meet the guests, whether or commemorative photo shoot, standing posture is very important, so pay special attention to do. Back a sense of upward stretch, head, hips and heels in a straight line, lift the upper body has been feeling. The bride and groom should stand by the side after about 15 cm, hand collapse groom right arm, the location of two like character, positive sense of the best pictures. Groom light curve left arm, the bride hands in the elbow, it is necessary to note that the bride and groom do not pull the clothes, people are feeling timid. In addition, the groom should not be given undue prominence to the back straight and abdomen, holding the bride does not matter, so as not to step on the skirt, and do not too far away. Do not stubbornly holding the groom’s arm, as if afraid he would escape like.
Walking: eye-catching parade because some brides wear a  strapless wedding dress and high heels are not used, may have stepped on the skirt of unforeseen circumstances, so the dress should not be too long, and the correct way to walk is: kicked the skirt with a light toe side, foot graze off the ground, Xu Xiangqian, strictly speaking, the bride should always look straight ahead, try to put 10 meters before the line of sight, it is a good camera, but for safety reasons, the bride’s attention can be slightly down, but not too much so as not to affect the image.
Kiss: Natural generously finished surface, that strange anti-shy kiss on a sacred ritual significance, the two should behave natural, generous, an oath taken in the wedding kiss, the strange shy, minced or contrived to highlight lips kissing but disgusting, photos Ye Hao Ye Hao video will quite natural, correct posture as the groom holding the bride’s arm gently, one hand around her waist, inferior race as suggested, the bride will a little face lift, so that bystanders feel two are very close to the natural attitude, there is a mystery, it is beautiful, the timing of the two kissing start with the good, so that time will not go wrong, the bride in advance with a napkin try gently to the surface of a rich ruby ​​lipstick, so the groom’s face left a clear lip. Gently clinging to his arm, will face a little more natural elevation, not the same as the seal. Read the letter: we must show full of sincere feelings at the wedding, the bride and groom in the reading to the family, relatives, friends, thank you must be very serious, because this is a very solemn ceremony, the wedding scene. Sincere emotion becomes important. After writing the letters, I must look in person prior to practice, in order to avoid bias when formal reading, the content should be true, the guests can have sympathy, try to create a scene full of deep feeling.
Turn: Gently grasp the dress skirt, dress and general clothing quickly turned to a different, would like to only change one o’clock direction is impossible, do not dress in an exaggerated gesture turned dragging the know-how is used and when turned the opposite direction of rotation Gently grasp the hand pannier skirts and put up a little, in wearing a long skirt, long mantillas dressed when they hung on his wrist, turns quickly and instant. Smile: smile filled with happiness, upturned mouth, a couple gentle smile happy smile on his face is like guests to see, a lot of people take pictures of smiling faces is deliberately out of the pile, finished, and also smile No, this smile is fake. The exercise is to smile: his mouth cross with a chopstick, upturned mouth, looks looks like a laugh in general, remain the same shaped mouth, out the chopsticks, they completed a smiling face, and then repeated drills, I got to laugh do not reveal the extent of teeth will be done. Bow: while slightly bending the upper body while smiling and nodding frequently inevitable bow greeting wedding essentials: first, the back should be straight, above the waist to lean forward. Second, the bow when full of emotion, bending the range of about 15 degrees, two people to meet, do not ‘break out’.
Can keep a second pause in the music bowing to the master of ceremonies must not forget the whole body facing him. Be careful not to highlight the chin, bow or bend over just nod will appear Buwen Ya, do not pay attention when the bow looked up Man. For the ring: to achieve the most romantic scene tense, even wearing a ring also does not go! Have this embarrassing experience who may wish to advance a few more practice, help the bride and groom wearing a ring, the groom bent elbow, hand out the natural bent of the height, the bride asked the groom’s hand with his left hand, right hand thumb, index finger and middle finger grip ring, wear into the groom’s ring finger, usually, do not go in wearing, the bride will not consciously exaggerated up, firmly grasp his hand, put it in your eyes closer to the ring finger on his sleeve, in fact, this position very badly, out shoot the photos look good.
Cut the cake: excellent photo opportunities in the wedding scene in the highest number of pictures is a time for the couple cut the cake, so close-up shots, the subtle finger movements to make the bride and groom are nervous, cut the cake is the correct posture right hand with a knife the bride and groom to the bride’s right hand in his right hand on the cover, the bride and groom’s left arm around the waist, the bride’s left hand supporting the right hand cut the cake, this is the most beautiful position, and standing on the eight still remain close shape, and, consistent with the two eyes, to facilitate the photo looks perfect, right knife-wielding bride, groom, the bride’s hand will cover the hands. The bride can also use the left hand to assist. They must be the same line of sight Do not look back just turn away, the whole body must turn. The groom’s left hand resting on the bride’s waist light. Candle: picturesque scene, wedding candles lit in the straight spine is a basic fundamental. People often fail at this point, because the bride and groom holding a stick in the ignition far away from the candle hand ignition, this position will make two protruding chin, open mouth and looked very funny, and the two arms of different length, If the arm fully extended to the groom, the bride will lean forward. Therefore, the bride and groom to consider the length of the arm to determine the location of the station.
This is called ‘groom guided’. The other hand put the groom in the bride around the waist, like a dance, as implied by the fingers to adjust the distance, will lead the bride to the table half a step away from the office, the bride will have to pay attention, do not forget the bouquet will be in the hands of the positive outward . Far from reaching a candle, as posture, then raised his chin, opened his mouth out, the image of poor, as close to the table. Posture beautiful, Shoulong chin, the groom’s hand placed on the bride’s waist, holding flowers for outside. Jie Miansha: Action sound, each with a bride should be straight back, slightly Dunshen to meet other serious atmosphere of the wedding the groom should not be so unsightly Jie Miansha non-standard action to destroy, to make it easier to groom off the veil, necessary to reduce the height of the bride should be the main center anchor dominant leg, the other foot back across the small half-step, straight backs slightly bent knee, hip kind of music lumbar posture will be hard to see, and, off Do not let it mess to the veil on the head, the groom, while the veil off lover should help sort out easily, so whether it is from the side or behind the camera are pretty neat.

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