attend an evening party

new style sweetheart fabric evening dress
Evening dress accompanied by a pair of high heels is no better, because when you increase the body height, everything will be better improved. Increase your weight is highly fragmented, and your posture look better, so you look even more slender.
If you choose to wear thin with low or flat heels, preferably pointed or some modification to fill the lack of heel. If you can not find matched with the dress shoes, consider a metal shiny shoes. Like pink, coral, orange, and warm colors such as cream-colored dress with the best gold, bronze, copper or red, light green. Purple, blue, gray, and white evening dress with cool colors such as silver will shine with.
Jewelry: choose pearls, sapphire, emerald, diamonds of high quality accessories, also choose gem. Shoes: Multi-loop with high-heeled sandals or modification of fine and strong, and affordable evening  dress high heels, if the toes exposed, you have to with the face, hands makeup to be modified simultaneously.
Package: ingenious multi-use patent leather, soft leather, velvet, metallic materials blended with mosaic, embroidery, and other craft with compilation made, gorgeous, romantic, sophisticated, decency is a common feature of the package taking Evening.

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