how do bridesmaids choose bridesmaid dresses in Europe

purple chiffon bridesmaid dress
What Europe is generally unique bridesmaids customs? How they dress that bridesmaids are all that, the following ideas and see if they have what we are not the same, some things are not that we can follow the next! ! !
Europe and bridesmaids wedding theme to choose clothing based on general, in Europe, when the bride’s wedding dress will have a style, or the wedding itself has a theme, such as some brides wear the skirt larger group or is a more spectacular feel , some relatively simple feeling. What if the bride and the feeling behind the bridesmaids should have the same feeling, but to a lesser extent. Choose from the color point of time may have a theme, such as today’s fashion color is purple, I like a lot of purple for the tone of things, including dress and surroundings may have been purple, this time the tone in which the color purple would be more eye-catching point.
Our bridesmaids in color may be slightly darker or slightly lower purity, less obvious point, but this feeling is the same color. What Europe is generally unique bridesmaids customs? What country can learn from the dressing habits of users? Following let this small series to introduce you to yourself, there are many things we can learn from it. Europe bridesmaids choose the style of clothing based on the time of this also depends on the wedding, some may be held in the afternoon, and some may be held in the evening. If the holding has been extended to the evening dinner, dress is generally at this time, it is a formal degree stronger.
If the bride is asked to wear the dress,cheap  bridesmaid dress should be longer, usually to the calf. If you choose any wedding held in the morning, party time is in the afternoon, even in the outdoor wedding, that time can be shorter skirt, but are generally skirt, wearing a suit is relatively small. European and American sources in the West do bridesmaid dress clothes together, but it is their own money to the bridesmaids. Must be done when a few people together to discuss the style and color is not suitable for your bridesmaids and the whole occasion. China also can learn about, this will ensure a unified style. Another reminder: the wedding is definitely on the harmony of all elements, including the tablecloth, including the flowers in his hand. If you wear a very simple and the fabric may need to clean that if you wear a very spectacular flowers but also richer. Surrounding the wallpaper and furnishings, all things and our degree of formal bridesmaid dress and style are as simple a system of degree.

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