skills of wearing evening dress

a line floor length purple sweetheart elegant evening dress
In fact, the red carpet to us is a kind of alert. Because, a look back, a wave, lift feet, style radiance, it is also a dangerous trap. Little do they know how many star fame, always cautious, but because it Looking back, waving, carrying a full entertainment news headlines the next day, become someone else’s Jiao Shetou drifted. In Taiwan, emptied of events that have a very romantic name “Pink event.” But if the areola is not exposed pink it?
Therefore, as also the red carpet, red carpet loser. Opportunities for ordinary people walking the red carpet, may be so small, but can draw from the red carpet dress Experts in essence, learning points with the tips halter  evening dress, you can not rude to the upcoming wedding season, friends season party. Emmy dress Comments Reviewed by: Liu Jihui, color consultant, founder of Qi Xin, a world authority on color image consultants CM B lessons of China’s chief color consultant emptied early X 1 Zhang Lu is also under strict degree of body underwear range this side of the dress will be open Zhang Jing early exquisite figure silhouetted against the tender and pleasant. Unfortunately, cut open, revealed a side of spring, but also too bold to reveal the edge of the yellow underpants. In the overall focus of the era, such a small lens exposed side of the event will be captured, then become a staple of conversation. Real lesson: pay attention to the body without a trace Seamless underwear, or if the inexpensive evening dress is absolutely safe, the vacuum does not matter. But the lower body also needs the same care underwear, do not because it looked a naughty way out, bad atmosphere in the elegant and dignified on the red carpet ah!
This is too bad, bad to the very silent. This shape appeared on the red carpet in Cannes, can only say that, too careless. Cute and sweet dress is obviously not fit, burst milk is exposed. Exposed bra not only hard into the head of the edge, but is out of business by the bra-line care unit exposed.
Real lesson: Gully come out with a bra is absolutely nothing wrong. Wrong is imprudent, people glimpse into this supposed to be in the secret place of the small magic. This case teaches us, if not invited high-level customization, also be sure to dress fit.

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