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2011 strapless long length wedding dress
Wedding photography constantly introducing new ideas, flowing hair seems to have been unable to meet the bride on the pursuit of individual style, there are more new ideas, many brides prefer short hair, short hair that is trendy for young people today that particular preferences, many wedding photography studios by surprise, not enough time to prepare for this wedding photography studio in Beijing has already come up with countermeasures.
Here’s a Beijing wedding photography studio to share with you some of the bride short hair style to create methods. Short hair bride hair designers should communicate early and choose the right hair style and decorated with flowers. Because the bride is not easy to transform short hair styles, hair accessories are not easy to find, basically, the more close to natural as possible to the principle of uniformity refreshing. Also choose a wig, but it must be matched with the face. Veil choice: the veil generally have long, medium, short, single-layer, multi-layer and other types. Bride under the guidance in accordance with face make-up artist to choose their own style.
Together with the head properly or send flowers crown can also play a role in rendering the atmosphere. Try to personally design hair. There is a short hair style is a lock of hair left forehead, and then rolled up on both sides of the hair, the most important thing is to make hair look healthy and glossy. If your hair is very short, and that point may be more wear jewelry, short hair is even more beautiful and attractive wedding  accessories, earrings, clips, and other unique jewelry can make you wind Caimi people. Flowers can be inserted in the hair, instead of along the veil or veil. Bridal wear flowers floral comb not available from the flowers, this novel can be used with romantic lace headdress dress.
Top wedding photography studio in Beijing to share some of the bride short hair style to create methods, how does that feel? Is also attractive than the long hair? Is not feeling beautiful? Then what are you waiting for, come our studio to create a personality very short hair bride tide bar, where I wish the bride forever young, forever young and beautiful, marriage forever fresh.

choose suitable bridesmaid dress

For brides, bridesmaids on the wedding but essential heavyweights, but only green leaves set off the road landscape safflower, support for the friends wherever he goes, but the bride must not rush limelight, but not willing to become unknown passers-by B, may your husband’s profile on a friend’s wedding too! If you want a different bridesmaid, then buy the wedding love to see the trend of network Xiaobian analysis to help you find the most suitable own bridesmaid dress.
1 simple atmospheric model Fashion Week this season, simple bridesmaid dresses designed by the atmosphere of everyone of all ages. Not only allow you to attend a grand wedding, but also wear them at other occasions! For example: fine navy chiffon skirts, fluffy layers of skirts, natural waist with decorative bow design is also very likable.
2 elegant type bridesmaids, wedding best supporting actress, as a low-key at the Rose in full bloom beside the beautiful Daisy, both with a blessing, but also wearing style. If you are a girl you can choose temperament type flash light purple fabric, a small pile collar design is also very popular. Sequins fashion element is a classic elegant style, tassels highlighting the soft texture of the fabric is suitable for the shiny silver party
3. Pure and lovely type as a young maid of honor you can choose to harness a small pearl satin dress, dress in order to prevent monotonous can be used with black bow belt, the details of the treatment is particularly important, in the chest with the use of black lace at the skirt, so that become commonplace dress flew extremely vivid, pure and lovely as a bridesmaid, this section type is your best choice. Specia
l Tip:
A. Today, the bride is the main character, well I’ll come when your perfect green leaves, dress color I want to “non-mainstream”, choose neither white, red to be careful;
B. my sexy not only wrapped in a cloth, the right combination of elements can spell sexy;
C. polished jewelry can not choose bright, and sometimes also low-key luxury.
Wish you could spend a happy happy and shining their wedding!

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Gorgeous Clear Crystals and Imitation Pearls Wedding Bridal Jewelry

Just to let you know we have added lots of new wedding accessory sections including organza bridal bouquets, bridal hats,hair accessories, headpieces, tiaras, necklaces and flowergirl hats, baskets, floral hair ring and more, with gloves and veils to be added shortly.

organza bouquet

bridal hat

hair accessory

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