luxurious bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid dresses cut low-key luxury fine selection of wedding bridesmaid dress is always a headache about it, that is not grabbed the wedding the bride’s thunder, but also must be matched with the wedding, but also to comply with the overall theme of the wedding, of course, is the elegant choice necessary conditions. We recommend this especially for small series several bridesmaid dress, I believe this group of luxury without publicity must be the bridesmaid’s dress choice.
lovely v-neck tea length bridesmaid dress
Brown track
1, full of shiny satin fabric with a partial fold material handling, to avoid the dress seems too ordinary.
2, and light green, beige and other colors most elegant contrast.
3, the hair can be a little decoration, and white fluffy hair dotted with flowers, make you more intimate nature.
Soft beige
1 beige pure white to clear out even more against the background of elegant, so that the bride is more bright, fresh, and let the bridesmaids clean, refined temperament get the best interpretation.
2, with a little gold embellishment, to create a lively, pleasant feeling, to bring fresh and bright dresses.
3, beige dress with a skirt is suitable for such a warm pearl, shiny feel of jewelry.
Faint dream
1 dress overall smooth lines, the middle of a small blue and white striped belt can be a good bridesmaid graceful outline of the body.
2, with black high heels with thin, more chic little dress.
3, you can mix different shades of blue, such as sky-blue dress skirt + dark blue accessories, to create a multi-layered sense of color. Cool green 1, green, elegant choice, avoid dark green, to create a clean, subtle temperament, so that the overall image of the fresh, relaxed. 2 cultivation of the crop to reflect your elegant charm, exquisite decorative bow waist, unique mind. 3, non-main dress dress, the bridesmaids in the hands of white rice plus a small bag, also a good choice.

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